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Leelanau Township is located at the top of Leelanau Peninsula in Leelanau County Michigan, USA

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We’re currently in the feasibility stage of a proposed land swap between Leelanau Township and the State of Michigan. The objective is to address ownership concerns at Woolsey Airport’s north runway, where part of the land is state-owned.

Our proposal involves swapping this state-owned portion for township-owned land at the north end of Densmore Road near Mud Lake. This swap could streamline airport operations and improve safety, while offering the state environmentally significant land.

We’re assessing the impact, benefits, and logistics of this swap, and we’re looking forward to community input and further analysis to ensure the best outcome for everyone involved.

The map indicates the property owned by State of Michigan outlined in Red, the Township property is outlined in Blue. Click here to view map.

If you would like more information contact Ian Dawkins, Facilities Manager, facilities@leelanautownshipmi.gov 

Leelanau Township Planning Commission has received an application to Amend Article 4  of the Zoning Ordinance (Agricultural District) by adding SECTION 4.6, Agritourism Farmstays. Click to read the proposed amendment.

With consent of the applicant, a professional planner has been contracted to review and edit the proposed amendment.  The Planning Commission will review an updated version which includes the Planner’s input on Thursday, June 27th during the regular meeting at 7 pm.

Please note:  Township meetings are held in the Township Hall conference room and are open for public attendance.  Zoom  participation is offered as a convenience.   Due to security issues, we ask that you update your Zoom account information with first and last name so you can be easily identified for meeting entry.    Unidentified users may have longer wait times. Your patience and cooperation is much appreciated.

A SWAT (Save Woolsey Airport Terminal) group has been formed to raise funds to rehabilitate and preserve this historic structure built in 1874. Click here to view a presentation about the proposed renovation and history of the building.

 Please see the Woolsey Airport page for more information.

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Township Planning Commission meetings are held on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month.  The regular time is 7:00 pm.  Click here for the 2024 approved schedule.

The next Planning Commission meeting is Thursday, June 27th @ 7:00pm.   The main topic for the meeting will be the proposed text amendment to allow farmstays in the Agricultural District.  The Planning Commission will review the recommendations of the professional Planning consultant.

Master Plan Updates:  (will typically occur the 2nd meeting of each month).

Please note that the Master Plan is a work in progress. To view working documents Click Here to go to the Planning Commission Page.

The Planning Commission will resume the review of the Special Use Permit application for the Communication Tower at Kitchen Road in upcoming meetings.  Click here for the application.

To learn more about the utility program, Click Here.

   Township Master Plan Survey Results

 Omena Community Input Survey Results

Read the News about Broadband (fiberoptic) progress in Leelanau

December, 2023 Update:  click here

Map with Progress of Leelanau County fiber optic project

Point Broadband Proposal click here.

2024-25 Budget

2023-24 Budget

2022-23 Budget 

Hello Photographers!  We are looking for Leelanau Township scenes (photographs) for the Township website.

If you’d like to share, please put a watermark (your name) in the bottom right corner of the image.  Only a few images are used each season.  We will save in the photo library to rotate in occasionally on different pages.  The Home page image stays up for the season.  Send photos to:  trusteegina@leelanautownshipmi.gov

2022 Leelanau Township Parks & Recreation 5-year Plan     

The plan is available for reading and downloading via the link below.  It may also be viewed in person at 119 E. Nagonaba Street, Northport, MI.  Adopted 2022 Parks and Recreation 5-year Plan




Acknowledgements:            Thank You Photographers!

Thank You Mark Morton  for the picture of the Super Blue Moon rising over Northport Bay  featured on our Home page!

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Township Highlights & Reports

Leelanau Township, Leelanau County, MI  USA

Population- 2048       49.2 square miles.         41.6 people per square mile
Shoreline – 38.7 miles
Critical Dunes – 10,664 Acres


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