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Leelanau Township is located at the top of Leelanau Peninsula in Leelanau County Michigan, USA

Next Meeting : Planning Commission

Meeting Planning Commission

Please Note the start time for this meeting is 6:30 PM

The Main Topic of this meeting is the Master Plan Update.  This meeting will focus on Land Use Chapter and Maps and revisions to the Economic Development Chapter.

To join via Zoom, use the link below
To Join via phone call: (312) 626-6799
Meeting ID: 881 982 5018.       Passcode: 49670

Zoom link – https://us02web.zoom.us/j/8819825018?pwd=LzQ5aDgraUJGbUhtbE1xdDVqWThtdz09%20

Thu, December 8, 2022 6:30 pm

Township News & Public Announcements

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The next Planning Commission Meeting is Thursday, 12/08 @ 6:30 pm. 

The agenda topics are:  Master Plan Update.

The next update meeting will focus on the Land Use Districts, Land Use Map, and revisions to the Economic Development Chapter

Master Plan Update:  (will occur the 2nd meeting of each month starting January 2023).  

Please follow the Master Plan progress and contribute during the 2nd Planning Commission meeting of each month.   Draft chapters of the master plan will be posted on this website or at: https://planleelanautownship.org

Please note that the Master Plan is a work in progress.  All chapters are first drafts.

Table of Contents

01. Background

02. Demographics

03. Housing

04. Natural Features

05.  Coastal Resiliency

06.  Community Facilities and Services

07.  Open Space and Recreation

08.  Transportation

09.  Economic Impact

10.  Land Use

11. Implementation


   Township Master Plan Survey Results


Read the News about Broadband (fiberoptic) progress in Leelanau

Map with Progress of Leelanau County fiber optic project

Point Broadband Proposal click here.


Newly Approved Amendment to the Zoning Ordinance

Thank You Planning Commission for your Hard Work and Dedication. Thank You Leelanau Township voters for your careful review and support of this update!

2022-23 Budget 

2022 Leelanau Township Parks & Recreation 5-year Plan     

The plan is available for reading and downloading via the link below.  It may also be viewed in person at 119 E. Nagonaba Street, Northport, MI.  Adopted 2022 Parks and Recreation 5-year Plan




Acknowledgements:            Thank You Photographers!

Thank You Mark Smith for the Township Autumn scene from E. Onomonee featured on our Home page!

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Township Highlights & Reports

Leelanau Township, Leelanau County, MI  USA

Population- 2048       49.2 square miles.         41.6 people per square mile


Link to Supervisor’s Annual Report