Application Fee and Escrow Policy

Application for Short Term Rental (Packet)

Application for Renewal of Short Term Rental Permit

Application for Rezoning Amendment

Application for Variance or Appeal to ZBA

Application for Zoning Ordinance Text Amendment

Land Division Application

Land Use Permit Submittal Requirements

Land Use Permit Application

Special Land Use Permit Application


FOIA Request Forms

Good Neighbor Policy for Short Term Rentals

Lot Consolidation Form

Job Descriptions & Core Competencies: 

Township Board Core Competencies





Planning Commission

Zoning Board of Appeals

Board of Review


From Leelanau Township Emergency Services

Township Ordinances:

Compilation of Township Ordinances (non zoning)

Burning Ordinance

Fireworks Ordinance

Nuisance Ordinance

Leelanau Township Park Regulation Ordinance

Private Road Ordinance

Prohibition of Recreational Marijuana Establishments Ordinance

Short Term Rental Ordinance

Sign Ordinance

Sky Lantern Ordinance

Zoning Ordinances:

Zoning Ordinance – updated through August 2012

Zoning Map

Amendment to Zoning Ordinance April 2022

Accessory Building Setbacks in Ag District

Agricultural Support Business (Amendment to articles 2 & 4)

Child Care Adult Day Care (Amendment to articles 2,4,&,5)

Guest Houses & Duplexes amendment to articles 2, 4, & 5

Invasive Plant Species Ordinance

Moratorium Amendment to Zoning Ordinance

Parcel Division Ordinance

Sign Ordinance


2016 Capital Improvement Plan Update

2010 Capital Improvement Plan

Master Plan Update 2010

2022 Parks and Recreation Plan

2016 Parks and Recreation Plan


2023 NLTUA Wastewater Financial Projection Report

2023 CPA Report on Twp. Financial Policies & Procedures

2023 Annual Report from Supervisor

2023 Planning Commission Annual Report

2022 Planning Commission Annual Report

2022 Short Term Rental Report

2021 Supervisor’s Report

2021 Planning Commission Annual Report

Resolutions and Policies:

Application Fee and Escrow Policy

2022-01 Broadband and Cellular Communication Services

2022-04 Spark Grant Application

2021-03 Dark Sky Resolution

Procedure to Post Audit Certain Township Bills

Resolution – Civil Infraction Enforcement Policy